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Gregg County DWI Defense Attorney

Aggressive and Experienced DWI Defense

Driving while Intoxicated, DWI, is sometimes also referred to as driving under the influence, DUI. It is illegal in Texas and across the nation to operate a motor vehicle while legally intoxicated. The level that determines legal intoxication varies across the states and depending on the driver, but in general, it is .08% blood alcohol content (BAC). This can be measured by a chemical test, wither via blood, urine, or breath. If you have been charged with DWI, it is crucial that you retain an experience Texas DWI defense attorney.

With over 29 years experience Mr. Novy, has tried over 150 jury trials, including DWI and Murder cases. People need an aggressive attorney to protect their rights.

If you have lost your license because of a drunk driving charge, you only have 15 days from the date of arrest to schedule a ALR hearing and get your license reinstated.

Your future driving privileges and your criminal trial both depend on the quick retention of an experienced Gregg County DWI defense lawyer. Although you will have a temporary license for the immediate period after DWI arrest, you will need to attend the administrative hearing to get your full license reinstated. Without reinstatement, many people find it exceedingly difficult or even impossible to attend work, take care of their children, and more. In addition, the arresting officer will have to present his or her reasonable suspicion or probable cause, which will give Mr. Novy a better idea of which defense to use.

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Probate, Wills and Guardianship

The Novy Law Firm has over 29 years experience in handling numerous Probate Cases. Mr. Novy is a Gregg County probate, wills and guardianship attorney with experience in the areas of probate of wills, the administration of decedents' estates, and probate where there is no will.

Mr. Novy can also assist you in preparing your Last Will and Testament and other documents that go along with your will, such as; Power of Attorney, Medical power of Attorney and a Directive to Physicians.

When a person is unable to manage his/her financial affairs or medical care and has not appointed someone to act on his/her behalf, a guardian may be appointed to manage the person's affairs or medical care. J. Scott Novy, works with families and friends that have lost someone to incapacity and need help navigating the Gregg County Probate Court. He works to protect the wishes and best interests of his clients.

Mr. Novy combines sophisticated legal knowledge and experience with a small firm practice, personally representing each of his clients. In addition, by maintaining a small office with low overhead expenses, Mr. Novy is able to offer high quality legal services at a lower cost than typically found in larger firms. A majority of Mr. Novy's probate cases are for a fixed fee, particularly in cases where the Will was drafted by an attorney.


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